Ace Trades | Additional FAQ
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Additional FAQ

About the Ace Trades System

  • What is the Ace Trades System?
    The Ace Trades System is a 9 Key system that was developed to teach traders how to use proper timing, how to spot price projections for entry’s and exits, how to interpret a range before it happens, not after the fact. We teach traders how to look for the big market picture and elimination of small trade mentality.
  • How long will it take to learn the Ace Trades System?
    Our students are becoming confident in a very short time frame, but the system is only as good as the person using it. The discipline is always up to you, you need to be willing to learn and be dedicated to the system. We hear it all the time; the hardest part about the Ace Trades System is unlearning past systems and breaking bad habits. Once you learn the system you are independent of Ace and on your way to market mastery.
  • Can I join Ace Trades if I have a full time job?
    With 24 hours of access to our Members Lounge you can learn the information at anytime. We have hours of videos and over 200 chart examples of the 9 Key trading setups. We even have members come into the morning signals room before they go to work.
  • Can I use the Ace Trades System on any market?
    Yes, because all markets do the same thing and move up, down, or sideways, the Ace Trades System works on any market. We have members trading; gold, crude light (oil), S&P, 6E (euro market), ZB(bonds), Forex, Stocks, Options, Crypto Currencies. You name its, we teach you how to read a chart!
  • Can I use the Ace Trades methodology with any market?
    Absolutely all market do the exact same thing. In fact if you were to compare 10 different market products and did not have a price beside them and just observe the charts they would all look the same.
  • Is a trading software required to use the Ace Methodology?
    There is no specific software with the Ace Methodology. The Ace Trades system uses price action to determine entries and exits in the market. You will need charts and a platform to get started; you may use any charting platform and charting package with any broker you feel comfortable using.

About The Ace Trades Methodology

  • What does a membership include?
    24-hour access to the Ace Trades 9 Keys that Ace has taught for the past 20+ Years! Morning commentary in the Ace Signals Room where you will get Live trainings to learn and reinforce the Ace 9 keys. Get Training sessions that will outline the trades called that morning! Over 200 chart examples and dozens of videos explaining the Ace Methodology to refer back on as you learn the Ace System. Belong to a successful trading community that post their winnings on a daily basis in the Ace Members room on many different markets. Learn the best risk management system… You can lose over 50% of your trades and still be successful!
  • I’m new to trading, will this be a good program for me?
    Absolutely! We have had members join Ace Trades that had never traded before, it may be a bit of a learning curve but we like to keep things simple! We are always going over the information making it easy to learn. Go to and watch Norma talk about her experience at Ace Trades having no prior knowledge about the futures market.
  • What markets does Ace Trades use to teach the system?
    Although members do trade multiple markets with the Ace Trades System and you will see other members posting their profits. During class time we mainly focus on the E-mini S&P, Crude lite (oil), Gold market, some of the Forex Futures contracts, and Nasdaq.
  • Does Ace Trades offer access to a signals room?
    Morning commentary or the signals room is only available to Ace Trades Members.
  • How can I pay for the program?
    Visit our buy now page, select your membership package. Payments are accepted through Paypal or credit card (for other forms of payment please email Once your payment is processed in full you will receive the Ace Trades welcome package with information on the keys and log-in information to the trading room.
  • How long does it take to get started with the Ace System once I’ve made a payment?
    As soon as payment is received and confirmed you will receive a welcome package from the Ace Trades Admin. This will include intro videos and 250 bonus chart examples that may be used as reference once you learn the system. You will also receive log in information for The Ace members live room and you will be a part of the 1% Elite High-Quality Chart Interpreters
  • Are there any other fees after I purchase the program?
    Upon your enrollment in the ace trades mentorship program you will need to purchase Hotcomm. Hotcomm is the trading room where all members hang out. Most members use Hotcomm lite at a cost of approx. $189/year.
  • How do I receive the information on the system?
    Once payment is received you will get a Welcome package with information, over 15 hours of videos and over 200 chart examples on the 9 keys. You will also get access to the member’s room where you will get live trainings reinforcing what you learn in the Ace Trades Members Lounge.
  • How often will Ace Teach me?
    You will receive coaching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Ace Trades members lounge. We don’t hold anything back, there is no up sell at the end of the program… you will get all the information in the course information from the first day. Then it’s a matter of following along during the live morning market sessions and learning the 9 keys of super high probabilities. If you want to learn from the best, now is your chance.
  • What is the signals room?
    This is where Ace members earn while they learn! This is where you will receive live morning market commentary and opportunities based on what you have learned in the member's lounge. If you just attended the Ace live webinar event then you know what to expect daily at
  • Do I need any Software?
    We teach you how to read a chart with pure price action, You will need a good broker and data feed for live charts… the only software required is Hotcomm for the Ace Trades Members area.
  • How long will it take me to learn?
    Our students are becoming confident in a very short time frame, but the system is only as good as the person using it. The discipline is always up to you, you need to be willing to learn and be dedicated to the system. We hear it all the time; the hardest part about the Ace Trades System is unlearning past systems and breaking bad habits. Once you learn the system you are independent of Ace and on your way to market mastery.
  • Do you teach a risk management system?
    The Ace Method is equipped with a system that will teach you how to trade multiple lots and effectively scale out to preserve capital. The method trades with a 1 point risk (also known as the floor traders probe)… Think about the risk to reward ratios offered here!
  • Will I learn a business plan?
    YES! Why would you trade without a plan? The Ace Trades business plan will teach you how to grow your account exponentially. The plan personally customizable to your account and margin size, and can be used at any stage in your trading career.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. We simply do not give away any information for free. Once you join Ace Trades you have now begun your journey to becoming a professional chart analyst.
  • How Can I get my questions answered?
    If you need any additional information or questions asked there is never a problem to reach Ace. You can reach us by: Email: Phone: 1-705-429-2828

Intro To Day Trading

  • What is Day trading?
    Day trading is when a trader takes numerous trades each day that last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. This kind of trading is very appealing to new traders due to the huge amount of money that can be made in a short period of time. The advantage of day trading is that you profit from extremely small price movements, which means traders can take big profits from each trading session.
  • What is Swing Trading?
    Swing trading is when a trader stays in a trade over a number of days and weeks.
  • What is regular margin?
    Brokers can add on additional leverage called “regular margin” as they see fit.  it is up to the broker to manage his own risk; as any additional margin it affords traders is the brokers responsibility.  Once the trader settles the futures contract he is returned the initial or regular margin and any gains or losses are added or deducted based on the trade that was executed.
  • What is maintenance margin?
    A trader must also establish “maintenance margin”, which is the absolute lowest account balance which the trader must maintain when trading futures before a margin call is made, and the trader must deposit more money into the account. (this number differs by broker. Some have a margin of $500 and some $2500, you will need to do you research)
  • Long Positions
    When a futures trader believes that the price of an asset is likely to rise, it makes sense to consider entering into a long position. This approach is similar to the traditional ‘buy and hold’ strategies that are commonly seen in stock markets. Here, a futures trader buys an asset at one price and looks to sell it back to the broker at a higher price some time later. The difference between this purchase and sale price marks the total profit or loss in the position.In terms of strategy, long positions are generally based on a bullish outlook that supports an argument for higher prices at a later date.
  • Short Positions
    When a futures trader believes that the price of an asset is likely to fall, it makes sense to consider entering into a short position. With this approach, a futures trader will effectively ‘sell’ an asset at one price and then buy it back from the broker at a later date. If the asset price falls during the time the position is held, the trader profits. The difference between the initial sale price and the later purchase price marks the total profit or loss in the position. Short positions are generally based on a bearish outlook that supports an argument for lower prices at a later date.
  • What Is Price Action?
    The study of price movement as it plots on day trading charts in the form of bars, candles, etc. When used correctly, price action can be a reliable trading method for predicting future movement. All of our day trading methods at Ace Trades are based on price action, as it is objective and the only truly accurate indicator of market activity.
  • What are news releases and how do they effect the market?
    Scheduled economic reports, prominent political figures, and big-headline world events can cause massive price fluctuations in the markets. The best resource for staying on top of scheduled events is the Bloomberg economic calendar. Watch for the events marked with a red star, these events cause volatile market activity. Watch the Ace Methodology call huge opportunities during large news releases such as fed day and non-farm pay rolls.

Futures Trading Basics

  • What is a Futures contract?
    A futures contract is an agreement by two parties for the delivery of an underlying commodity, index or currency at some future date for a pre-agreed arranged price. Futures are derivative products that can speculate on forex, commodities (ex Gold, Oil, Pork) or indices unlike equity (which has a limited number of shares), an unlimited amount of futures contracts can be created. Simplified Futures Contract: When you buy 1 futures contract on the Emini Sp for example at 2100. And sell it at 2105 you just made 5 points. Now if you were only trading 1 contract that would be worth $250 ($50 per point, per contract * 5 points). Now if you were to trade 5 contracts and make 5 points that would be $1250. ($250 for 5 points * 5 contracts = $1250)
  • How does futures trading work?
    Futures trading is a zero sum game. When you are buying 2 contracts someone else is on the opposite side selling those contracts.
  • What Is the Difference Between Trading stocks and futures?
    As a trader, both stocks and futures can be traded electronically through platforms. In both stocks and futures, the trader is speculating on a price. The main difference is that when trading stock, a trader is actually buying shares, or equity in a company or they are selling shares of a company by borrowing the shares first from someone else. There are only a certain number of outstanding shares of that company. In futures, the trader is either buying or selling a derivative product ex. (Gold, Oil, Pork) The trader does not actually own any shares of the underlying asset. The trader owns a contract which can be converted into physical delivery of a product at expiry t. In the case of oil, barrels of oil. In most cases traders are day trading and simply trying to make profits on fluctuations in the price of the futures contracts and no delivery is ever taken. Stocks have no expiry, while futures contracts have expiry dates. As a trader this simply means you are usually trading the futures contracts with the closest expiry to the current date.
  • What is the E-mini S&P Futures Market?
    An electronically traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that represents a portion of the normal futures contracts. E-mini contracts are available on a wide range of indexes such as the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400 and Russell 2000.
  • What is an E-mini S&P Point worth?
    An emini SP point is worth $50.00 on one contract
  • What is a Gold Point worth?
    A gold point is worth $100.00 on one contract
  • What is a crude (oil) point worth?
    A Crude point is worth $100.00 on one contract
  • Where Do I trade futures?
    In order to trade futures, you must have an existing futures account or you must create an account with a broker. If you have a stock broker, then you can probably open a futures account with them as well. If you are outside of the United States, you can also gain access to trading US futures as long as you have a valid passport and utility bill to prove your address. Futures are traded on exchanges, but you’ll actual execute your trades on your broker platform who will clear your order. Simply ask your current broker about it, or to open a new account, Google “Futures brokers” and you’ll get plenty of options. Every broker offers different margin incentives as well. Many of our members at Ace Trades use Ninja Trader, Amp futures, Think or swim, Interactive brokers, Trade station.